Just in Time for Fall — Pumpkin Spice Flavored CBD Oil!

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Cannabis fans can now spice up their holiday season with a festive CBD flavor! CBD enthusiasts can now get the same taste of the pumpkin spiced latte, but with all the CBD oil benefits. Cannabis brand Toast has announced a new flavor of their CBD oil — pumpkin spice!

The Aspen-based company says that the pumpkin spice flavored CBD oil will have very similar ingredients like everyone’s much-adored pumpkin spiced latte. Cannabis lovers will be able to enjoy the fall’s signature taste of cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg in CBD form, for just $55.

Bakeries, coffee shops, candle and cosmetic companies are just some of the industries that have been following the pumpkin spice craze in the last few years.

Toast Spiked Pumpkin CBD oil is a full-spectrum one, which means it has all the lovely terpenes and cannabinoids, including a bit of THC. As it is hemp-derived, there’s no fear you’ll be too festive celebrating Thanksgiving. What is more, the oils used for making this CBD product are completely organic.

Finally, you can mix pumpkin spice flavored CBD oil into your drinks, coffee, smoothies or cocktails. You can add it to your food and make it even more delicious. Or, you can take it orally, by dropping a few drops underneath your tongue, to feel all the benefits of the oil.

You can’t go wrong either way you decide to take it. Just bear in mind, this is a limited offer, so hurry up if you wish to feel those spicy fall aromas!

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