Kentucky’s Sullivan University Introduces Cannabis Course

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Starting from this fall semester (2020), Sullivan University in Louisville, Kentucky, is looking to launch a newly developed online course called — “Introduction to Cannabis Studies.” 

Allegedly, the thought of starting an online cannabis course stems from the idea that cannabis is slowly becoming an essential industry in the US — judging by the recent legalization procedure in Kentucky and the growing number of cannabis legalization processes across the US. In fact, it is especially because of this legislation that there’s growing interest both on an academic and a system level.

According to Tonnie L. Renfro, the chairman of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Sullivan University, the course has been designed with specific objectives in mind without getting entangled in any social or political agenda. Rather, the course aims to provide a broader picture of the cannabis industry, its emergence, its modern-day impact, the specific purposes (and potential benefits) of cannabis, and all the other relevant ethical, psychological, socio-economic, and legal matters related to cannabis.

In March this year, a bill to legalize medical cannabis was finally forwarded from the Kentucky House of Representatives to the Senate committee. Nevertheless, its chairman, Whitney Westerfield, dismissed the new measure’s consideration “until he’s OK with it.” Currently, hemp cultivation and manufacture are allowed within Kentucky only for those who possess a special license from the Department of Agriculture.

All in all, “the Introduction to Cannabis Studies” will be welcoming its first attendees as of September 28, 2020.