Ketamine and CBD — A New Powerful Antidepressant Combo?

Health News - Ketamine and CBD - A New Powerful Antidepressant Combo

A new study reveals that mixing cannabidiol (CBD) and ketamine creates a potent blend with strong antidepressant effects. And that’s not all!

Namely, the dynamic duo would have milder side effects than opioids, which is a huge game-changer. In fact, even when taken on their own, both CBD and ketamine offer effective treatment for mental health issues.

FDA-approved since 1970, ketamine is a powerful anesthetic that was primarily used to treat Veterans. However, due to its dissociative effect, it’s now the go-to medication for patients with treatment-unresponsive depression.

CBD, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, is a potent anxiolytic that can also be used for depression since both conditions usually go hand-in-hand.

And despite CBD having negative drug interactions with other classes of antidepressants, it’s well tolerated with ketamine. As a matter of fact, both compounds seem to complement each other, according to studies. 

In an animal study published in the Journal of Neuropharmacology, CBD seems to cancel out the main side-effect of ketamine use — hyperlocomotion, or excessive moving.

For instance, the mice that were given a combination of ketamine and CBD retained the beneficial effects of ketamine (mood), without the jerky muscle movements.

And although human studies are yet to be conducted, these results are promising and provide renewed hope for the creation of alternative strategies to treat depression.

Globally, over 246 million people suffer from depression, and lockdowns and COVID-19 infections aren’t helping the matter either. 

Essentially, 1 in 17 coronavirus survivors develops depression and anxiety. Meaning, the number of affected people is expected to rise.