Kourtney K’s CBD Serum Hits the Market

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One of the popular Kardashian family members, Kourtney, has recently announced that she is to leave the world-renowned show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” in order to focus on her new line of beauty and health-related products.

Seeing how her new beauty website, Poosh, attracted millions of Instagram followers, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

In collaboration with Hora Skin Care, Kardashian and Poosh have already released some products including the rose-gold derma roller and a moisturizing CBD skin-care serum.

According to the product description, it is “a moisturizing powerhouse” with a hyaluronic acid base, consisting of 98% natural components suitable for all skin types.

Now, when it comes to Kourtney’s commentary on the product itself, she wrote a post on her Instagram page stating that she’s been a huge hyaluronic acid-enthusiast, which she believes is responsible for transforming her skin’s tone and texture.

She also claims that she fell even more in love with it during the testing phase when combined with the CBD formula. Also, as far as the Derma Roller is concerned, Kourtney claims that its sole purpose is to enhance the effects of the serum. Overall, she’s incredibly excited about her followers trying these new products and eager to hear their opinions.

Still, this begs the question: why is CBD becoming an increasingly popular skincare ingredient? What is it exactly that attracts someone like Kourtney Kardashian to CBD?

Well, it seems that CBD can do magic for the skin. Basically, it all comes down to extracting the CBD component from hemp plants.

Currently, scientists are investigating exactly how CBD interacts with our bodies. The co-host of the talk show “The Doctors,” Dr. Sonia Batra, states that CBD helps control our skin’s natural oil production. Batra then goes on to explain that CBD, when applied to our skin topically, is absorbed and binds with the cannabinoid receptors to reduce inflammation (thus alleviating common problems such as redness and acne).

In other words, our bodies make ingredients that resemble some of the active ingredients in hemp (CBD, for instance) and these compounds seem to be quite beneficial; recent studies have even confirmed that CBD products can effectively treat conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

So, apparently, when you expose your skin to CBD, you are treating it right.

Taking into account that Kourtney’s CBD serum contains another product that is among the skin’s favorites — hyaluronic acid — this serum might be worth a shot for those who do not find it pricey (the CBD serum is currently priced at $50).

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