LA’s First Cannabis Cafe Is Rebranding

Lifestyle News - Cannabis Cafe Rebranding

Not so long ago, LA got its very first cannabis cafe — Lowell Cafe. Nevertheless, this cannabis-friendly establishment is changing its name and will from now on be known just as “Cannabis Cafe,” as the cafe’s V.P. of marketing and communications, Ami Gan, says.

Gan also says that the reason for this change is rather simple — since the cafe’s recent opening, both the employees and the customers have referred to it as the cannabis cafe. The restaurant became well-renowned under this name on social media as well, so the management decided on this simple change.

Other than the restaurant’s name, however, some exciting changes await!

Cannabis Cafe will broaden its offer and will no longer be associated only with California’s leading cannabis producer — Lowell Herb Co.

The restaurant will expand its menu and will include more than 45 new cannabis brands. The guests will be able to try out products from other cannabis brands (both big and small) including A Golden State, Lola Lola, and Higgs.

Partner and executive chef, Andrea Drummer, believes that Cannabis Cafe belongs to the whole cannabis industry and not just a single cannabis producer. Therefore, the cafe needs to show its customers a vast array of cannabis products coming from a variety of brands.

Bringing more cannabis producers into the fold will most likely increase the number of guests. It remains to be seen whether this new and improved edition of this unique cafe in West Hollywood will be as successful as its predecessor; the expectations are most certainly high.

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