Latest Study Finds Around 80% Of NFL Players Use Cannabis

Sports News - Latest Study Finds Around 80% Of NFL Players Use Cannabis

Using cannabis and playing sports is nothing new. In fact, if we go back in history, you’ll find that ancient Greeks used cannabis to enhance their sports performance as well. Today, we have evidence that THC can increase testosterone (although it declines with increased THC use).

Furthermore, many pro athletes and rookies alike use marijuana and cannabis-infused products (such as gels and lotions) for post-workout recovery.

According to Tavarres King, a former NFL player, 80% of players in the National Football League use cannabis, including King himself, who used it to curb his anxiety issues and improve focus.

A few years ago, Martellus Bennett, another NFL player, suggested that the number of players who used marijuana was even higher, i.e., 89%, by his estimations. Likewise, he explained that most NFL players used it as an alternative to prescription drugs and opioid painkillers.

That said, cannabis is not popular only among NFL players. According to the journalist Josiah Hesse, approximately 60%–80% of professional NHL, MLB, and NBA athletes use cannabis to help them recover from injuries.

Moreover, after ending their careers, several former players — including King, who created Rowdy Wellness — became involved in the CBD industry by either opening a business of their own or by becoming cannabis ambassadors for other brands.

And although the NFL still bans the use of marijuana and CBD, players will no longer be suspended if they test positive for marijuana. Instead, they’ll just have to pay a fine. Speaking of progression, the NFL has also announced that they would be giving $1 million for studies that deal with the effects of cannabinoids on pain management.

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