Lazarus Naturals Debuts Edible Market With Fruit Tarts

Lifestyle News - Lazarus Naturals Debuts Edible Market With Fruit Tarts

Following six years of successful existence, the CBD company Lazarus Naturals announced its debut in the edibles market with an alluring line of CBD Fruit Tarts

Sequoia Price-Lazarus, the CEO and founder of the brand, says these fruity treats are a consequence of customers’ “expressed hunger” for Lazarus Naturals edibles.

But, it took a while for the brand to come up with edibles that are sufficiently CBD strong to be helpful for a wide range of ailments. And, by all accounts, they succeeded in doing it. 

Preceding the tart’s official launch, they even won the Drug Store News/ECRM Buyers’ Choice Award this year.

So, why do Lazarus Naturals Fruit Tarts stand out?

  • They are made with all-natural ingredients, from flavors to sweeteners. 
  • They are entirely THC-free 
  • They contain no GMOs, pesticides, nor animal products
  • The superior-to-competitors high-quality CBD concentration of 25mg per tart
  • The practical tin packaging with 20ct/60ct for a total of 500mg/1500mg CBD
  • Their affordable price
  • Inventive flavor mixes: Raspberry Lime Fruit, Orange Pineapple Fruit, and Strawberry Lemon 

Plus, it’s more than certain that the edibles will do justice to the CBD effectiveness the brand stands for because of the potent CBD isolate extracted from hemp plants on the company’s USDA organic-certified farm.

Lazarus Naturals is also B Corp and Leaping Bunny certified and awaiting USDA organic and cGMP certification this year. 

The Oregon-based company is further famous for the vertical integration of all of its manufacturing processes that make its products affordable and full of discount offers.

Barely available on the market, Lazarus Naturals’ CBD Fruit Tarts are already making a buzz. However, time will tell if they are the right choice for a bombastic start of an edibles line. And customers will decide if they’ll earn a place on the best CBD edibles list for 2021.