LHL and PowerCap® Find a Solution for Cannabis Dosing

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Dosing the perfect amount of CBD and THC has always been a major issue since the legalization of cannabis.

With hundreds of strains and dozens of imprecise consuming methods, it is fairly easy to take the wrong dosage and experience many an unwanted side effect. However, Liquid Health Labs and PowerCap have found a solution to this problem.

Liquid Health Labs’ scientists have discovered that the best way to administer the right dose is to simply drink it. Hence why they created an innovative, precise dosing pod of active ingredients — both CBD and THC, which are also water-soluble.

Yet, what is so special about the PowerCap technology?

Well, the majority of beverage manufacturers batch and hot fill their products between 185°F and 192°F in order to prevent bacterial growth. As a result, the liquid, the light, and the heat degrade a sizable portion of the ingredients. In contrast, PowerCap technology prevents this degradation, providing the consumer with full taste and (more importantly) — the perfect dosage.

In addition, PowerCap technology offers its users three distinct varieties: mixed berry, lemonade, and watermelon, with all-natural flavors, colors, and sweeteners.

So, how does it work? It’s quite simple.

The PowerCap fits a great deal of water bottle types, as well as different styles of reusable water bottles. The cap snaps on top of the water bottle releasing the active ingredients into your beverage with a simple press of a thumb. After that, you only need to shake the bottle to fully dissolve the ingredients.

Some US dispensaries have already sold tens of thousands of these caps in a recent market test. Derek Hopkins, CEO of Liquid Health Labs, says that they’re not surprised by this success since consumers are already familiar with products like K-Cups®, used for coffee and tea.

Moreover, LHL will also offer PowerCap Nutrition Pods™ — a single-serve pod product for wellness and health.

Since the project is centered around reusing bottles, the caps are made from 100% recyclable plastic. Plus, within the span of a year, the company will start using hemp plastic, further reducing its manufacturing costs as well as its overall carbon footprint.

PowerCap is an awesome idea that’s beneficial to both manufacturers and users alike. Still, it remains to be seen whether the product will reach the levels of fame and popularity like the other pod drinks currently on the market.

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