Liver Transplant Patients Can Use Cannabis, Doctors Say

Health News - Liver Transplant Patients Can Use Cannabis, Doctors Say

Judging how smoking tobacco is so detrimental to the health of liver transplant patients, the same is expected from marijuana. Yet, according to a recent study, that isn’t the case! 

The study, published by the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases, indicates that people could, in fact, continue using cannabis even after a procedure such as a liver transplant

Namely, researchers in this study worked with approximately 900 patients and examined each patient both before and after the transplant with promising results. 

For one, the data shows no real difference between people who use cannabis and those who don’t use it in postoperative situations. However, there were some notable disparities between the two groups elsewhere. 

Nevertheless, this isn’t the first study to deal with this topic. To be more precise, there was one study in 2009 that dealt with the potential risks connected to cannabis use after organ transplantations. The results of the study revealed that cannabis users and non-cannabis users had similar survival rates after a liver transplant

In 2018, there was yet another study that found no major discrepancies between cannabis users and non-cannabis users when it comes to kidney donations. Likewise, a study from 2019 (dealing with inpatient respiratory complications after a liver transplant) has shown similar results. 

All in all, each of these studies provides invaluable data that benefits not just the budding cannabis industry but medicine in general.

Fortunately, lawmakers from California kept a close eye on these scientific developments — hence why, in 2016, they enacted a law forbidding anyone to deny an organ transplant simply because the recipient used medical marijuana; the same law was enacted in Maine the following year.