Luxembourg, the First EU Country to Fully Legalize Cannabis!

Politics News - Luxembourg, the First EU Country to Fully Legalize Cannabis!

Luxembourg, one of the smallest countries in Europe, is making headlines thanks to its government announcing that it would legalize the cultivation and use of cannabis.  As a result, Luxembourg will be the first EU member to fully legalize marijuana and profit from the enormous potential of the European cannabis market.

But wait, what about The Netherlands? Haven’t they already legalized marijuana? After all, they’re one of the best holiday destinations for cannabis lovers bar none!


In fact, Dutch authorities merely decriminalized personal use when it comes to cannabis and tolerate its use, whereas, officially, weed consumption remains illegal.

Now, as for Luxembourg, authorities are planning to pass a law that will allow all those over 18 to consume and grow marijuana in the comfort of their own homes. According to Sam Tanson, the Minister of Justice, the main reason for this move is the rapid expansion of the illegal cannabis market and the ever-increasing number of pot consumers. Consequently, Luxembourgers will now be able to grow up to four cannabis plants. Likewise, the possession of cannabis seeds will also be legal.

What remains illegal is the consumption and possession of marijuana in a public place. People will be subjected to fines ranging from €25 to €500 ($29 and $581).

Seed treading among cannabis farmers will also be allowed without any restriction on THC contents.

Luxembourg had already legalized medical cannabis back in 2017. Still, as far as recreational use goes, some reports indicate that they will be using Canada’s approach. This is a smart move, given how well the weed market is doing in Canada; the North American country has spent approximately $100 million on cannabis awareness.

However, all’s not over yet. The proposals still have to pass the parliament first.