Malawi Wants Tyson as Its Cannabis Ambassador

Entertainment News - Malawi Wants Tyson as Its Cannabis Ambassador

The country of Malawi recently asked former boxing champion, Mike Tyson, to be the official ambassador for their cannabis branch.

The East African country is reputed for its famous recreational strain called Malawi Gold. Yet, the question remains — is Tyson willing to promote it?

Just a few days ago, “Iron Mike” entered the entrepreneurial weed waters again by partnering with Columbia Care and launching his cannabis line called Tyson 2.0 in Colorado.

Last year, Tyson launched Undisputed 87, another cannabis product line, and his longtime rival Lennox Lewis did the same.

Whatever the case, Mike Tyson is indisputably “in love with the plant,” stating multiple times that it offered emotional and physical relief and helped him relax and unwind. He also says marijuana improved his mental health. and made him stop his infamous (problematic) behavior.

Indeed, the 55-year-old has a turbulent past that counts multiple confrontations with American law, such as his three-year imprisonment for rape and the two deviate sexual conducts charged against him back in 1992.

Also, Tyson has numerous other charges like battery, sexual battery, and even an assault with a deadly weapon.

Due to these misdeeds, the Center for Public Accountability (CPA), a Malawian civil society organization, has criticized the governmental decision to reach out to Tyson. Nevertheless, officials from Malawi’s Ministry of Agriculture loudly defend this invitation by saying that Tyson is a “reformed” person.

In fact, Tyson claims so himself, stating that cannabis, which he started using after his retirement, turned his life around.

But it’s not just cannabis. The heavyweight champ also admitted to using psychedelics before his comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr. a year ago.

In any case, with Tyson by their side, the Malawian government believes they will attract even more investors and successfully market the industry beyond their country’s borders.