Malta Opting to Legalize Cannabis for Personal Use

Politics News - Malta Opting to Legalize Cannabis for Personal Use

Malta, a small European country with a mere 441,543 people, will be the first EU country to legalize cannabis (for both cultivation and possession) when it comes to personal use. As a result, individuals over 18 will be allowed to own up to 7 grams of cannabis and grow up to four plants at home.

What’s more, the possession of more than 28 grams won’t lead to a criminal record. Instead, you’ll be fined between €50 and €100 (approximately $56.42–$112.84). In addition to that, minors (under 18) won’t be arrested if caught in possession of marijuana.

Instead, they will go before a commission for justice. Likewise, people consuming marijuana in front of children will have to pay a fine between €300 and €500 (roughly around $338.53 and $564.23, respectively).

Next, as mentioned above, people will be allowed to grow cannabis plants at home under one condition — namely, the plant must be out of sight of the public. Non-profit cannabis clubs will also be allowed to grow their weed and distribute it to their members.

However, this rule also comes with limitations. For one, the clubs will be able to sell only 7 grams per day per person (a maximum of 50g per month) and 20 seeds per month to a limited number of members ( i.e., 500 people).

Since the UN commission removed cannabis from the list of addictive and dangerous drugs in December 2020, many European governments changed their attitude towards marijuana, realizing its therapeutic effects.

For example, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands announced their plans to set up a legally regulated market.