Marijuana Won’t Make You More Lazy, According to the Study

Health News - Marijuana Won’t Make You More Lazy, According to the Study

A recent study found that the stereotype of cannabis smokers being lazy is false and that these individuals are just as driven as anybody else.

Namely, cannabis has a restricted or weak connection to feelings of apathy or lack of pleasure, according to researchers from University College London, the King’s College London, and the University of Cambridge.

The researchers wanted to explore how apathy, anhedonia (the inability to feel pleasure from activities that provide rewards), and laziness are impacted by cannabis usage. 

On that note, they examined 274 cannabis users, adults or adolescents, who had consumed cannabis at least once per week during the past three months. They compared these individuals with non-cannabis users who matched them in age and gender.

Participants in both groups were asked to complete questionnaires assessing their degrees of apathy and enthusiasm for completing their tasks. 

The results showed that cannabis users had slightly lower levels of anhedonia, while there was no difference in apathy between the two groups. In addition, there was no correlation between apathy or anhedonia and the frequency of cannabis usage. 

The researchers also investigated the drug’s effect on people’s physical effort when engaged in a task. They discovered that both users and non-users put the same level of effort into obtaining a reward, regardless of their age. 

The researchers emphasized, however, that further studies are needed to rule out the potential for harmful effects on users’ brains.