Maroon 5 Releases Smoky New Video to End War on Marijuana

Entertainment News - Maroon 5

Cannabis lovers across the globe rejoiced when they saw the new Maroon 5 video with Adam Levine, the band’s lead singer, rolling and smoking what seemed to be a first-class joint. On top of that, there was even a message at the very end of the video urging to end the “War on Marijuana.”

Seeing how “Nobody’s Love” — released earlier this year on July 25 — features only Levine, the socially-distanced video publicly endorsed the pro-cannabis movement for decriminalization and did it with style no less.

The bare-footed, bald, and bearded Levine sang, under a lemon tree, about the love that is hitting him “like a drug,” while rolling and smoking a joint.

The message at the end of this iPhone-shot video is, in fact, a quotation of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) stating how possession laws are redundant and a complete waste of the taxpayer’s money.

With the decriminalization of low cannabis possession in Virginia and similar news hitting the headlines almost on a daily basis, more and more states are agreeing with the ACLU and passing their own decriminalization legislation — a trend that’ll, by the look of things, continue in 2021 as well.

Living in California, Levine is one of the lucky ones as he’s free to soothe his “virtual heartbreak” with cannabis blunts. Yet, what about the other states?

The pressure for cannabis legalization on a federal level is gaining momentum in the wake of the 2020 presidential elections, even though neither of the candidates included it in their programs.  

Meanwhile, the number of celebrities obsessed with cannabis and cannabis products continues to mount. From Jay-Z’s deli store to Snoop Dog’s Israeli alliance, the number of these ventures is most certainly on the rise. Consequently, we can expect an increase in the number of celebrity endorsements and stands like the one Maroon 5 just pulled off!