Martha Stewart Launched a New Line of CBD Products

Entertainment News - Martha Stewart Launched a New Line of CBD Products

The successful businesswoman, Martha Helen Stewart, is known for a variety of business ventures, including her own television show, writing, and even modeling. Yet, most of all — she’s famous for her culinary recipes.

Just recently, Stewart partnered up with one of the most successful, world-renowned industrial hemp and CBD brands — Canopy Growth. The end result? The best US-grown, all-natural CBD wellness products the market had ever seen. 

Her latest CBD product line includes wellness gummies, three different CBD oil tinctures, and unflavored soft gels.

Now, when it comes to wellness gummies, there are two types — the delicious citrus mixture composed of Kumquat, Meyer lemon, and blood orange, and the tasty berry mixture composed of huckleberry, black raspberry, and red raspberry.

Her CBD oil drops, on the other hand, are made from the purest CBD isolate, which is great as CBD isolate does not contain any unnecessary byproducts and “filler” ingredients — allowing consistent and equal dosing with each serving.

Hence, these drops are ideal for first-time users looking for smaller doses that they can take throughout the day without feeling any side-effects of taking too much CBD all at once. Not to mention that the drops have a silky smooth texture and are void of any unpleasant “earthy” tastes and scents due to them being CBD isolate.

In addition, Stewart also said that CBD supplements helped her cope with everyday stress and anxiety. Moreover, she claims her new CBD wellness products are some of the tastiest on the market — if not the tastiest CBD products you’ll ever find. And this is largely due to them being inspired by her own favorite recipes.

If that indeed be the case, CBD users are in for a treat!