Martha Stewart Launches a CBD Line of Products for Animals

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For decades now, Martha Stewart has been a living legend among homemakers and housewives, establishing her image through cookbooks, TV shows, and homemaking magazines.

Following her imprisonment for fraud in 2004, her image started to shift as she began promoting wellness and mindfulness in her Martha Stewart Center for Living. The TV personality has also become more involved in animal rights protection groups, which made her the perfect candidate for collaboration with the Canadian conglomerate Canopy Growth.

Martha Stewart will be the new face of the Canopy Growth’s CBD line of products.

Some may wonder “why Martha Stewart, of all people?”

The answer is actually pretty simple. This line of new CBD products will be for both people and animals, and since Stewart is involved in both the beauty and animal worlds, she can personally oversee and give advice in the development process of those products.

The team is already working on CBD products for dogs, and they’re also hoping to create a line of products for cats, horses, and larger livestock; these should launch by September 2020.

It’s very well-known that Stewart has an immense love for animals and cares deeply about their well-being (with as few pharmaceuticals as possible). However, her support for CBD is fairly recent. It was Snoop Dogg, actually, her friend and Martha And Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party co-host, who introduced her to the cannabis industry and Canopy Growth.

She believes that educating people on the benefits of CBD for both people and animals is crucial for the beauty and wellness industries, and she is particularly focused on the older generations.

According to stats, by 2029, more than 50% of the US population will be older than 65 — hence why Stewart believes that it is crucial to educate people on natural alternatives to medication.

Stewart’s iconic status among people of all generations will be of immense help in eliminating the stigma surrounding cannabis products and making them more mainstream. Her involvement could also help break the ice and encourage people to look at cannabis and cannabinoids in a totally different way and accept the potential benefits they bring to both people and animals alike.

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