McDonald’s Customer Claims His Iced Tea Was Cannabis-Infused

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A man from South Carolina, US, reportedly ordered a meal at McDonald’s on Hilton Head Island and “got high as a kite.”

Parrish Brown (24), who ordered a sweet iced tea with extra lemon along with chicken nuggets and a double cheeseburger, claims that he was given cannabis, blaming the “extra lemon” component of the tea for it. Namely, he believes that it was, in fact, a code word for cannabis at that particular McDonald’s drive-thru.

According to Brown’s own words, up to that moment, he had never tried cannabis “a day in his life” — hence why he experienced such an instantaneous effect after taking just one sip; he started feeling odd and couldn’t recall ever experiencing such a sensation before.

Furthermore, he reported that he didn’t stop drinking his tea immediately as he needed a thirst-quencher urgently. However, when he opened up the mysterious cup, he found three bags of cannabis, which he had accidentally pierced with his own straw. At that moment, he started panicking — both because he was high and because he was afraid of getting in trouble — so he called his parents.

As for the food he had ordered, Brown stated that there was nothing wrong with it. Though, what he instantly found suspicious was that, after he told the McDonald’s employee that he wanted iced tea, he got a response “extra lemon?” in a weird tone, with an unusually long pause.

After Brown was picked up by his father, they immediately called the police. Brown stated that they were completely puzzled by the story — the dispatcher exclaimed that they should call 911, to which Brown replied “ma’am, but you are 911!” Still, it was rather difficult to convince the authorities of what had transpired until an officer sniffed the questionable drink; at that moment, he knew exactly what it was that they had put in his drink.

The 24-year-old reported that he didn’t pay more than the regular price for his drink at McDonald’s, who have been contacted for providing commentary on the case, but there’s still no information regarding their reply. The police are investigating the incident.

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