Medical Cannabis Hits the Shelves in Missouri by November

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EKG Labs in Maryland Heights has recently approved the testing of cannabis samples for toxic substances, pesticides, metals, moisture levels, and potency. If all goes well, commercial medical cannabis could become readily available in Missouri by the end of the month!

As of September 26, EKG Labs was listed as one of the ten medical cannabis labs authorized to conduct tests after passing the state inspection. Consequently, commercially grown cannabis may require some additional testing. Once it’s confirmed safe and the potency is state-approved, it can be sent out to dispensaries.

According to EKG’s director of operations, Natalie Brown, testing is expected to start over the course of the following week. Hence, products should be available in dispensaries by mid-October at the latest. 

In 2018, Missouri voters approved cannabis for medical use. As of September, five commercial growers and six dispensaries have been approved by state health inspections, allowing them to grow and sell medical cannabis without any legal restrictions. 

When it comes to legally regulated businesses, Missouri has altogether issued around 60 cannabis cultivation licenses, 86 licenses for launching cannabis-infused products, and another 192 for dispensaries.

Furthermore, as per Susan Griffith, president of Certified Alternative Medicine Providers (CAMP), business owners are enthusiastic about getting the testing done as soon as the cannabis is ready for packaging. For instance, CAMP hopes to pass its last inspection in December, invest in cultivation immediately after that, and distribute cannabis to dispensaries by spring.

Even though the demand is expected to be high — approximately 70,000 Missouri citizens have been state-approved to use medical cannabis. What’s more, over 17,000 qualified producers have also been given controlled permission to cultivate cannabis at home. Therefore, Missourians are unlikely to run out of medical cannabis supplies anytime soon.