Meet CIS: the New Top-Notch of Cannabis Extraction

Industry News - Meet CIS: the New Top-Notch of Cannabis Extraction

A couple of days ago, Vitalis Extraction Technology, Inc., the leading provider of technological solutions, had cannabis workers and companies rubbing hands over a new generation of supercritical CO2 extraction systems they introduced. 

Vitalis calls it the Cosolvent Injection System (CIS), which consists of injecting limited amounts of ethanol (solvent) into the CO2 extraction process. Expectations run deep and rumor has it this upgrade will boost hemp and cannabis plant-extraction and production by a lot.

This innovation is designed to build onto the existing CO2 systems and provide better efficacy and purity, avoiding scenarios like the contaminated Michigan cannabis.

More to the point, CIS is what the company officials describe as a flexible solution with a small footprint, and which can easily be incorporated into the existing CO2 systems. 

According to company officials, the combined effect of both CO2 and ethanol extraction can capture more of the beneficial terpenes, but what’s more important, it can retain selected cannabinoids,  improving the overall accuracy when capturing desired chemicals.

Joel Sherlock, the Vitalis CEO, explains that besides improving extract quality, the CIS will help companies scale-up their production to reduce costs and increase efficiency. 

Plus, CIS enables the remediation of ethanol, which minimizes volumes used as well as the runtime.  

So, will this patent-pending technology mean lower prices of future CBD and cannabis products? It’s too early to tell.

For the time being, we can relax and enjoy the technological marvels — from decoding the effects of terpenes with machine learning to emerging production processes like this one. After all, innovations like the Cosolvent Injection System will let us use every last drop of cannabis to enjoy those sweet benefits.