Michigan Weed Recalled due to Testing Facility Issue

Industry News - Michigan Weed Recalled due to Testing Facility Issue1

Late in November, Michigan witnessed the largest marijuana recall in the State’s history when the Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) found an issue with a large cannabis testing facility. 

The MRA recalled approximately $200 million worth of cannabis products, as according to them, the safety-compliance tests performed in the Viridis Laboratories and Viridis North were faulty or unreliable.

Due to the ongoing investigation, nothing is public yet and things remain a mystery. Nevertheless, the issued bulletin suggests the presence of mold.

Also, seeing how these testing facilities screen around 60% to 70% of all the cannabis sold in legal stores across Michigan, no less than 400 stores and dispensaries were forced to enforce the recall and inform their customers.

In fact, customers were asked to return all products with the following license numbers:

  • SC-000009
  • AU-SC-000113
  • SC-000014
  • AU-SC-000103

In addition to that, the MRA advises businesses in possession of these pot products to either destroy or send them to another facility for retesting.

Mainly, these are all marijuana flower products that were subjected to purity testing between August 10 and November 16. On the bright side, THC products such as distillates, resin, and vaping cartridges were NOT affected.

In any case, there will be far-reaching consequences if the presence of impurities is detected. And given previous cannabis flower recalls (like the one of Surterra Wellness late last year), there’s a good chance that a potentially life-threatening mold like aspergillus is present.

On that note, there was yet another incident earlier this year when Michigan cannabis was contaminated with both mold and yeast.

Meanwhile, the accused testing facilities in the Wolverine state protested against the recall by filing a lawsuit against the MRA on November 22.

In it, they state that 64,000 pounds of cannabis are being seized, allegedly, with no apparent reason, except to grant their competition a bigger share of the market.