Mike Tyson to Launch a New Cannabis Brand — Undisputed 87

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Mike Tyson, one of the most famous heavyweight champions on the planet, is launching a new range of CBD products inspired by his boxing career. Named “Undisputed 87,” Tyson has dubbed it the “baddest cannabis on the planet.”

The new brand will be sold exclusively in Planet 13’s Las Vegas Superstore.

The brand name and location weren’t chosen by mere accident. Namely, Last Vegas is where Tyson defeated Tony Tucker in 1987 and became the Undisputed Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the world.

Planet 13 has stocked Tyson’s products in the past, most notably after the introduction of Tyson Ranch in March 2019, which quickly became the best selling pre-rolls in the state of Nevada. The company is one of the biggest cannabis dispensaries in the world and the perfect place for a brand to generate national recognition.

The owner of Tyson Holistic Holdings, as well as a cannabis ranch in California, Tyson has been growing weed since 2017. He recently stated that he plans on turning his ranch into “the Lollapalooza of Cannabis,” a resort complete with a hotel, lazy river, and even a university on cannabis studies. 

The former champ has praised cannabis for helping him find balance in life. He told Cannabis & Tech Today that his body had seen “a lot of wear and tear” during his 20-year-long boxing career and cannabis was the only thing that calmed his nerves. He had been using opiates before, but they had more of a negative effect on his mind and well-being.

Tyson truly believes that cannabis can help people beat their opioid addiction.

In the past, he partnered with professional athletes and veterans, such as NBA star Al Harrington, and former NBA Commissioner David Stern, to promote the medical properties of weed and raise awareness over responsible use of cannabis.

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