More and More Seniors Turning to Cannabis for Relief

Health News - Seniors Love Cannabis

Younger generations are not the only ones using cannabis. In fact, a study published last week has shown that seniors are also turning to this magical plant to treat the most common symptoms of aging. Out of those that reported using cannabis, 78% stated that they did so for medical reasons.

The participants of the study, conducted at a geriatric clinic, were 65 years of age (at minimum) and older; nearly three-quarters of the 568 surveyed were over 75. Likewise, 15% of surveyees reported using cannabis for the past three years (half of them regularly), with the most common reasons being anxiety relief, pain mitigation, and insomnia. 

The study also found that 61% of respondents who use cannabis began doing so at the ripe old age of 60+ and have not tried cannabis beforehand

What’s more, the majority of respondents stated that they preferred using cannabis topically (as a lotion) rather than smoking or ingesting it as an edible. Also, they are quite open when it comes to cannabis use — they inform their doctors about it more often than not.

Overall, this is neither the first nor the last study dealing with cannabis use amongst older generations. In fact, it is exactly because of research such as this that more and more elderly are turning to cannabis as a safer and more natural alternative to opiates (and all the adverse side effects that come with prescription drugs) to effectively mitigate symptoms of aging.

Still, a lot more research is needed to back these claims and provide ample evidence of the many benefits of cannabis, especially when it comes to aging.