Movie Poster Made from Weed for Guy Ritchie’s New Movie

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Just when you think the entertainment industry could not get more creative in its promotional material, here comes something completely different — a movie poster made entirely out of cannabis. For the promotion of Guy Ritchie’s latest film The Gentlemen, STXfilms commissioned artist Zach Fernandez (aka Jesushands) to create an original poster of the cast by using weed.

A multimedia artist and entrepreneur based in LA, Jesushands is perhaps most famous for his artistic installation on New Year’s Day 2017, when he changed the Hollywood sign to Hollyweed. Since his Hollyweed stunt, which earned him arrest and trespassing charges, the artist has launched his own cannabis brand called “Hollyweed by Jesushands.”

His “pot art” has been featured in art shows and installations around LA and he has also been working as a music producer.

To create The Gentlemen poster, Fernandez used all of the plant-stems, leaves, kief, and flowers. Using various parts of the cannabis plant allowed the artist to create the likeness of the film’s stars, which include some big names like Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell, Henry Golding, Hugh Grant, and Charlie Hunnam.

The pungent poster has been taken on display at media events and WeedCon ahead of the movie’s release.

In case you’re wondering why cannabis was used in the creation of this movie poster, you only need to look at the plot. Featuring an all-star cast, the movie deals with Mickey, a London-based drug dealer looking to get out of the drug game, but finds that some things are easier said than done. Using Ritchie’s recognizable mix of violence, crime, and comedy (at least from his days of Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), The Gentlemen already has a 76 percent “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

In addition to the weed poster, the promotion of the movie involved another cannabis-related marketing gimmick. Namely, Eaze, the popular medical cannabis delivery app, created a special menu of cannabis products giving those who order a chance to win tickets to a screening of the movie for themselves and 20 of their friends.

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