New App Measures the Level of Impairment After Cannabis Use

Science&Tech - DRUID App

Cannabis consumption has turned into a popular trend in the last couple of years. With the rise in demand, the laws are also becoming more relaxed, so there are some understandable concerns about prospective impairment(s).

Most often, diligent cannabis consumers can experience reduced hand-eye coordination and have a slower reaction time than usual as well. The proper balance could be hard to maintain, and tasks that need divided attention may be quite an obstacle.

While some people use cannabis for recreational purposes only, others use it for their medical conditions and wish to avoid any side effects so as to get on with their daily activities.

Now, these cannabis users will be able to measure their impairment precisely with a new app called DRUID. DRUID stands for DRiving Under the Influence of Drugs, although it can also be used for other purposes. This health app can also measure the impairment caused not only by cannabis but by prescription drugs, fatigue, polydrug use, sleep deprivation, alcohol, concussion, and illicit drugs.

DRUID is available for both Android and iOS, and it only takes two minutes to measure the impairment. The user needs to do four tasks that measure their hand-eye coordination, balance, time estimation, reaction time, and decision-making ability.

After taking this test, the user will know whether they’re able to drive or do safety-sensitive work. Besides this kind of personal use, the DRUID app could also be helpful for employers who are concerned about a worker’s productivity.

Since medical and recreational use of cannabis is legal in 11 states, this health app could be the simplest solution for impairment testing. It has great potential of decreasing accidents in the workplace and traffic incidents. The app can serve as the final verdict to those who are in doubt of their impairment level.

DRUID is already available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and its success remains to be seen.

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