New Cannabis Certificates Come to SUNY Farmingdale

Industry News - New Cannabis Certificates Come to SUNY Farmingdale

As recreational marijuana becomes legal in the state of New York, most colleges are placing different cannabis courses on offer to help prepare the students for the industry.

Most notably, the students attending SUNY Farmingdale will have the chance to earn a Cannabis Production and Management certificate. 

What’s more, there’s plenty of interest. Hence, we can expect more degrees and niche-oriented curriculums down the road.

Jonathan Leher, an expert working on the Urban Horticulture and Design programs, stated that young people who just finished high school have already contacted SUNY Farmingdale about these opportunities. Likewise, the same is true for older students who are looking for a different career path.

Undoubtedly, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the most important marijuana facts surrounding the industry.

In addition, when asked, some of the interested students stated that they would like to explore the different business opportunities in this field, and enrolling in these programs seems like the best way to get started.

Moreover, SUNY Farmingdale’s ultimate goal is to stay relevant in a world where trends are constantly shifting and to help students land jobs and build careers after they graduate.

As Leher put it, their aim is to help students earn the credentials to enter the field, stay there, and help grow the economy.

Last but not least, SUNY Farmingdale expects more developments regarding the curriculum as the cannabis industry expands.