New Cannabis Vending Machine Introduced in Colorado

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Cannabis users in Colorado can now buy weed without having to interact with people

New cannabis vending machines, created by the Massachusetts-based company Anna, will allow customers to purchase edibles, flowers, and vape oils without coming into contact with budtenders. 

Designed to take and fill orders for pot products, four of these machines debuted in a Strawberry Fields dispensary in central Pueblo, Colorado, last week. And more are on their way to another dispensary — Starbuds in Aurora — next year. 

Before making a purchase from Anna, users need to show their ID and check in. Each machine has a 27’’ touch screen where customers can choose products, fill up their virtual baskets, and pay with either cash or debit cards. Anna will dispense the items, patrons can grab them, and then they’re good to go. 

Customers can also pre-order via the Anna app and get the process done even faster. 

Each machine can hold a maximum of 2,000 products.

Matt Frost, founder and CEO of Anna, says the concept is meant to increase the efficiency of the retail self-checkout system in the cannabis industry. 

The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t reduced demand but it has forced dispensaries to adapt to the new situation by offering home deliveries and curbside pickups. In certain states, like Massachusetts, this has created hours-long lines, while some shops even require customers to pre-order items and schedule a pickup time

Frost hopes that his weed vending machines will help resolve such issues and that it will also appeal to experienced users who don’t need “one-on-one interaction” with a human to make a pot purchase. New users will benefit as well, as contactless shopping is sure to come in handy in the era of COVID-19 and social distancing.