New Hampshire: Homegrown Cannabis Therapy Is on the Way

Health News - New Hampshire: Homegrown Cannabis Therapy Is on the Way

Late February, following a two-day session, the New Hampshire House passed a bill allowing medical marijuana patients to grow the plant at home

Although this legislation is still “in play” at the New Hampshire Senate, the latest update is that all of New Hampshire’s licensed cannabis centers stand behind the initiative known as measure HB 350

Namely, different bills regarding the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis have been on the line in the Granite State since 2009. But now, things are going a lot smoother because the focus is on therapeutic cannabis.

So far, most of the other cannabis legislation in New Hampshire rolled towards the usual power-play between the State House and the Senate. The State House pushed for the bill, whereas the Senate systematically shut the legislation down.

And now, homegrown cannabis therapy for New Hampshire patients is finally on the way. But, mind you, restrictions will still apply; a maximum of three mature plants, six in total, will be allowed, plus up to 12 seedlings. 

According to Keenan Blum, the CEO of Prime ATC, home growers will enjoy such benefits as having access to specific strains, lower costs, and a regular medicinal plant supply

Given that dispensaries are not always close to patients, this will prevent them from turning to illegal supply channels.

There are only five New Hampshire dispensaries under the control of three New Hampshire ATCs: Prime ATC, Sanctuary ATC, and Temescal Wellness. 

For now, only patients that suffer from severely debilitating or terminal illnesses, like cancer, are allowed to use them. 

These include, among others, patients with conditions like ALS, HIV-positive, AIDS patients, and those who have Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and epilepsy. But given the green therapeutic trend, this is likely to change in the near future.