New Jersey New Cannabis Laws Causing Confusion

Politics News - New Jersey New Cannabis Laws Causing Confusion

It’s done! Cannabis was finally legalized by a constitutional amendment approved by the majority of New Jersey voters on Election Day. 

However, there’s a catch!

Namely, all the laws that outlaw marijuana possession are still in effect, which makes this whole situation somewhat confusing, to say the least; not only is marijuana possession illegal according to New Jersey law, but you also can’t use it or sell it either. 

For now, the only legal protection users enjoy is the request the attorney general sent to the police, pleading them not to arrest anyone for cannabis.

Overall, the fact that marijuana is both legal and “illegal” in New Jersey, has to do with law and politics. For one, the eleventh-hour breakdown in the law-making process. Likewise, the poor wording didn’t make matters any better. 

As such, what New Jersey managed to accomplish was to legalize cannabis only in certain situations, while marijuana has remained illegal

The lack of vital information is yet another issue with the amendment. For instance, the amount of cannabis that users can (or cannot) possess is not clearly specified, nor where they can acquire the substance legally. 

Moreover, the bill also makes an absurd declaration, naming all cannabis plants bought outside the state “marijuana,” and therefore making them — illegal.

To further complicate the matters, bills that decriminalized cannabis were passed only last month, yet Gov. Phil Murphy didn’t sign them due to “increasing concerns about juveniles possessing weed and the penalties behind them.” 

Hence, to the surprise of many cannabis enthusiasts, cannabis could actually get you jailed in the state of New Jersey even after it has been legalized and ratified by the authorities.