New Podcast Series Aired Featuring Cannabis-Related Crime

Entertainment News - New Podcast Series Aired Featuring Cannabis-Related Crime

Cannabis Crime Scene is the name of an original new podcast series that has just started airing. The podcast is already a head-turner simply because it represents a never-before-attempted mix between the cannabis industry and true crime podcasts. 

Now available on Podbean and Spotify, the brainchild of Debra Borchardt and Leland Radovanovic promises fun, thrilling, and shocking episodes that depict real American cannabis-related crime cases.

The inspiration was multi-sourced, from Netflix’s documentary series like Murder Mountain to federal lawsuits, and cases notable for social justice.

And judging by the rich career backgrounds of the authors, these series have a good chance at success. 

Namely, Borchardt, as the Green Market Report CEO, and Radovanovic, as the founder of Conscious Communications Collective, have been in close contact with the cannabis industry in the past — an invaluable experience for the authenticity of the series.

So, once a week, on Thursdays, audiences will be able to enter the weed crime scene through the investigative work of the two hosts who will occasionally welcome guests.

The first episode features a Florida Man involved in a sex trafficking case and Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz. The rest of the 30-minute episodes will feature versatile and weird cannabis crime cases, ranging from cold-blooded murderers to cannabis trafficking crimes.

But if you still haven’t heard about it, fear not! Cannabis Crime Scene will soon be available on different streaming platforms like iTunes, Pandora, TuneIn + Alexa, Google Music, etc.

With these podcast series and the recent Entertainment 360 announcement for their cannabis industry series, the weed culture is rapidly reserving its place in the entertainment industry. 

Also, if podcasts are not your cup of tea, marijuana also found its way into stand-up comedy and the weed-centered streaming content hasn’t stopped growing in the past few years.