New Podcast Series Answers Women’s Questions on Cannabis

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April Pride, a pioneer in the cannabis business, has come a long way from a mere fashion designer, through a founder of a cannabis company, to a cannabis podcast host. Her latest project, “How to do the Pot” podcast, is dedicated to all cannabis-loving women who want some serious answers to their questions.

Luckily, this podcast series will do exactly that—answer all the questions they’ve been googling secretly.

Throughout her career, April has proven time and again that women are the fastest-growing market, yet are often regarded as undeserving in the cannabis business. Women want information about the legalization and use of cannabis, so Ariel decided to give them exactly what they need—a podcast that will advertise information of the highest quality.

Who are the experts providing information? Only relevant industry experts and professionals who have incorporated cannabis into their lives will speak on this topic.

When it comes to hush-hush googling, women who are still unsure about cannabis and its effects can discreetly find out everything they ought to know about the plant.

The first season of this podcast will concentrate on topics that cover the happiness and health of women. The podcast will also cover stories on endometriosis, pregnancy, sleep, and the overall well-being of women. The first three episodes are already available for download, while others will be published weekly, starting from December 3rd.

As for the guests, they include a professional athlete who uses CBD, a medical doctor counseling pregnant patients, a felon who has become an entrepreneur, and a senior who uses cannabis to manage their pain.

This is an amazing opportunity to include women in the cannabis industry, share good and bad stories, change minds, and, eventually, empower women and help them feel more confident about the choices they make.

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