New Skincare Company Using Unique Ingredient Launched

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Whatever stigmas might have been surrounding the use of cannabis in skincare, they’re slowly disappearing.  

CBD beauty products are becoming mainstream: retailers like Sephora are dedicating entire walls to CBD brands, and celebrities are endorsing and even launching their own lines of cannabidiol-infused cosmetics. 

Now a new trend is poised to take over the market: skincare products infused with cannabis root.

According to Jennifer Grant, this (often discarded) part of the cannabis plant is rich in anti-inflammatory and other healing compounds, making it the perfect ingredient for her latest venture—an e-commerce skincare company. 

The brand is called empyri, and it was launched last month, with three products: a moisturizer, toner, and cleanser. All the products are infused with cannabis root, which Grant, a biomedical engineer, entrepreneur, and mother of three, sources from Ontario farmers. 

Cannabis roots don’t contain THC or CBD but are rich in triterpenoids and monoterpenes, reported to have a wide range of health benefits. In fact, this part of the plant has been used in Chinese medicine for over a thousand years. It’s also valued by traditional medicine as treatment for inflammation, arthritis, gout, STDs, and other conditions.  

In her research, Grant found that some cannabis roots can contain up to 23% of friedelin (a powerful anti-inflammatory agent) and as much as 80% of carvone. Carvone is a monoterpene with decongestant and antiviral effects. 

More importantly, the procurement and processing of the cannabis root doesn’t fall under the Cannabis Act, meaning that Grant is allowed to promote, package, and sell her products on the consumer market free of the restrictions that other weed companies face. 

Grant doesn’t plan to stop here. She hopes to expand her offer of cannabis-root products to include a line for men and cannabis root-infused teas as soon as Health Canada gives the all-clear.