New Technology for Detecting THC in Drivers

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Say goodbye to blood tests and say hello to the latest technology in busting drivers high on cannabis — here is everything you need to know!

Previously, the Texas Department of Public Safety had to take blood samples from drivers to analyze it for THC — the psychoactive chemical present in cannabis. According to Texas statistics for the last year, a staggering 2,369 individuals tested positive for THC intoxication.

Now, as the cannabis industry slowly spreads across the nation, the University of Texas at Dallas is doing its best to develop brand-new technology that will help officers test intoxicated drivers for THC. According to the source, the device resembles a breathalyzer, only that, instead of using the breath, it makes use of the driver’s saliva.

Dr. Shalini Prasad, a professor in the Department of Bioengineering, spoke on the matter and claimed that this new technology will help police officers detect whether a driver truly has THC in their system, as well as the overall level of intoxication. Furthermore, it is extremely easy to use; the saliva is taken from the driver and placed on the device’s sensor. Within no more than 30 seconds, the device will indicate the presence or lack of THC in the driver’s system.

This latest piece of technology will not only provide more accurate results, but it will also help officers process more drivers a lot more quickly, being a fast-working device that it is. On the other hand, the previous method of testing THC had to be done at a hospital, which, in turn, requires a police warrant. Naturally, this takes a while, and by the time the sample is taken, THC could get dissolved in the blood, leaving zero traces.

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