New CBD Oil Looks to Boost Your Mood with Fine Taste

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Winter’s chill in combination with shorter days and less sunlight can really bring on the blues. Nevertheless, Aire, a Leeds-based company, has a solution for this! Namely, they have a range of new CBD oils that will help people “survive” until the spring reaches its full glory.

Aire founders, Oli Harris and Adam Flanagan have announced the launch of their new 100% natural CBD oils; the main goal being fighting the blues with exquisite taste. The founders hope they’ll make a breakthrough in the crowded CBD market by providing their customers the premium experience they expect (and deserve) from their favorite beauty and health brands.

One of the co-founders said that people were used to the fact that CBD oils don’t taste great, yet they still used them due to the many potential benefits, or they simply bought products with an abundance of artificial ingredients masking the natural flavor — hence why the Aire team worked for almost two years to develop an oil made 100% of hemp that has an amazing taste.

But the taste was not the company’s only concern. Aire wanted to show its customers just how important and appreciated they were during each step of the user experience — from the website and packaging experience, all through to the delivery.

Initially, only three kinds of oils will be on offer, each a special mix of hemp-terpenes, refined hemp seed oil, and cannabis Sativa CBD. The oils will be packed in 10 ml bottles, and their price will vary depending on their strength; these being: 5%, 10%, and 15% costing £45, £80, and £115, respectively.

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