Newlyweds Are Now Incorporating Cannabis Into Their Weddings

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There’s a new trend in the world of weddings and it’s here to stay! Couples who are tying the knot are adding cannabis to their wedding celebrations. The options are limitless; the only boundary is your imagination.

A lot of brides are incorporating cannabis buds into their bouquets, and some are even planning their entire special day around the theme of this miraculous plant.

The fastest-growing trend, however, is pairing food with cannabis — hence why the wedding menus have been getting rather creative lately. Couples pair CBD with food and beverages to make their guests feel like they’re at home. In addition to having fun, regular cannabis users — the ones who must take CBD regularly for medical reasons — now have a chance to do so without leaving the event and missing out on those special moments.

Some newlyweds invite their guests to bring their own cannabis and organize something similar to a cocktail hour after the wedding ceremony. Others even have “bud bars” — something like alcohol bars, but with a selection of cannabis. These bars also include a “budtender” who educates the guests on CBD and helps them with their choices.

Even wedding planners are following this latest trend. The event planning company, Expo, helps make cannabis events successful, as well as legal. They make sure that the laws and guidelines are followed (to the letter), and guarantee an amazing experience.

However, caution is advised for couples who decide to incorporate cannabis into their happiest day; meaning, they should acquire the cannabis themselves, just as they would do so for their own personal use. That way, their guests are guaranteed to have the best possible experience, and an awesome time as well!

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