Once an Opponent, Now a Senior Fighter for Cannabis Rights

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Debra Lynch (59) from Brisbane, Australia, a former anti-drug advocate who raised her children against any kind of drug abuse, turned to cannabis to help her cope with crippling pain, despite her surroundings’ disapproval.

In 2017, Lynch was arrested for cannabis production and possession, which she engaged in to reduce pain and anxiety that had lasted for 31 years. This woman suffers from an array of difficult medical conditions, including spinal injury, cancer, PTSD, and scleroderma, claiming that cannabis was “her last resort” after many unsuccessful attempts with conventional medications.

She states that people have to be less subjective when it comes to cannabis since (strangely) alcohol is publicly acceptable, whereas cannabis is still banned in many parts of the world regardless of its health benefits. She also claims that she wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for cannabis — she would have committed suicide due to the severe pain she had been facing.

Lynch has been smoking cannabis since 1988, and a couple of years ago, she also started using cannabis oils and balms. She uses incredible amounts of cannabis on a weekly basis — smokes up to 14 grams, and uses up ½ of a cannabis oil bottle. Moreover, she consumes 500 grams of cannabis balm per month, applying it to her skin lesions. “When I had an ulcer on my other finger, there was one night that the pain was so bad that I seriously considering whether it would hurt less to just cut my arm off,” states Lynch, and adds that with cannabis, this kind of pain becomes manageable.

In 2013, things got even worse. After losing a kidney to cancer, she was diagnosed with diffuse scleroderma — a severe auto-immune disease thickening the skin and causing damage to organs. Lynch says scleroderma pain is horrible, as she has difficulties swallowing due to spasms in her esophagus. Not only has cannabis reduced some of her pain but it also helped relieve much of the muscle spasms as well.

Lynch had been terrified of drugs until the age of 28 when it turned out that only cannabis soothed the pain caused by her spinal injury. She claims to have tried everything available and cannabis was her last resort, yet she feared it since she grew up thinking it “fries people’s brains”. However, she had no choice and decided to give it a shot.

Unfortunately, while cannabis has eased her pain, it seems to have caused disharmony within her family — one of her daughters does not even speak to her anymore and Lynch hasn’t seen her for over two years.

Lynch is convinced that she leads a much better life than those who refrain from using cannabis. Still, she is well-aware that you need a lot of money to buy all the necessary cannabis products. Today, she’s the leader of the legislation campaign, fighting for getting cannabis more accessible throughout the public healthcare system.

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