Ontarians Can Now Order Cannabis Through the Uber App

Lifestyle News - Ontarians Can Now Order Cannabis Through the Uber App

Outstanding news for all you Uber fans out there!

Namely, the world-renowned mobility as a service provider added cannabis to its list of things you can order via the company’s app.

In other words, all citizens of Ontario, Canada, can now use Uber to order and pick up their favorite strains; this new category can be found within the UberEats app.

The famous brand had already started delivering liquor through UberEats and it was only a matter of time before it moved on to greener pastures — namely, cannabis!

Hence, all sales will be navigated by Tokyo Smoke — a company from Toronto that has over 50 dispensaries in Ontario

To use the app, customers will have to verify their age and show their ID at the nearest Tokyo Smoke store before picking up their weed; simple as!

Moreover, Uber claims its app will help reduce the illegal market that accounts for more than 40% of non-medical cannabis sales. And according to Uber’s CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, the company might start delivering cannabis within the US “when the legal coast is clear.”

On that note, Canada was the second country to fully legalize cannabis in 2018. As a result, cannabis sales in the Great White North will amount to $4 billion in 2021. And by 2026, the sales are expected to reach an incredible $6.7 billion.