OTC CBD Supplements Finally Legal in California

Politics News - OTC CBD Supplements Finally Legal in California

On October 6, California Governor Gavin Newsom authorized the retail sale of hemp-derived CBD products by signing Assembly bill AB 45.

Passed on September 10, the bill will do much more than merely lift the ban on over-the-counter CBD sales — it will also open the door to sales of other hemp-derived products beyond CBD, with the exception of THC.

As a result, a wide range of new CBD products are now legal, including dietary supplements, foods, beverages, pet products, cosmetics, and more.

It took three long years for legislators to take the Bill to Gov. Newsom, a longtime cannabis industry supporter. In fact, he was the one who signed the controversial law allowing marijuana dispensaries in K-12 campuses back in 2019.

Now, the Golden State’s retail market will open up to around 3,000 national and many other international CBD brands.

What’s more, California is at the top of the US CBD market and is expected to reach $1.8 billion by 2022. Plus, with its $3.2 trillion GSP, it will undoubtedly grab the attention of cannabis giants like Canopy Growth, Elixinol Wellness, and others.

Big players are also hoping the bill will “clean up” the market and give them clear guidelines. And most importantly of all, the assurance that authorities won’t confiscate their products.

Here’s a small overview of bill AB45:

  • The California Department of Public Health has an obligation to develop additional regulations for the sale of CBD products.
  • New quality control measures like testing, labeling, approved sources, and a list of requirements for registration.
  • The bill prohibits the sale of any type of THC, including the “regular” (delta-9 THC), delta-8 THC, and delta-10 THC.

Overall, the plant’s popularity continues to grow as the State prepares for its first-ever cannabis competition scheduled for 2022.