Parents to Be Notified After 1st Cannabis Arrest

Politics News - Parents to Be Notified After 1st Cannabis Arrest

Based on a bill issued by New Jersey lawmakers last Wednesday, parents have to be informed in case their child (minor) possesses or buys cannabis illegally. This news comes less than a month since Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation that stated the exact opposite — namely, that parental notice was forbidden!

Moreover, the measure seems to provide rapid results, stemming from concerns that the law (previously signed by Murphy) neglected the parents’ role in preventing cannabis consumption in minors. 

In a recent interview, Republican Minority Leader Jon Bramnick stated this was “the dumbest law he had seen so far,” and said that he was glad that Democrats admitted that the last month’s bill was a mistake. He believes that under no circumstance should anyone want a teenager to consume alcohol or cannabis and not report that to the parents.

However, the original bill from February states that such misdemeanor would imply only a written warning, whereas the next offense would involve informing the minor on drug treatment services, but again without parental notification. It would only be after the third offense, that parents would be notified, along with a written warning and a drug treatment referral.

As for those 21 and older, recreational marijuana was voted legal in New Jersey in November but it took more than a couple of months for lawmakers and the governor to consent on legislation and establish the recreational marketplace accordingly.

Nevertheless, they did announce probable amendments as time goes by — particularly, they are working towards the bill being applied for alcohol possession in minors.