Parents Urged to Check Kid’s Halloween Candy for Cannabis

Health News - Halloween Warning

Halloween, every kid’s favorite holiday is just around the corner. The police in Pennsylvania are warning parents to check their kids’ treats this year for suspicious, potentially dangerous ingredients.

As a matter of fact, police officers in Johnstown recently found candy resembling Nerd Ropes during a raid in Stoney Creek Township, but it was laced with 400mg of THC (!). THC is the main psychoactive component in cannabis which is responsible for the high sensation, known for its potential side effects such as increased heart rate, red eyes, memory loss, and coordination problems.

The police officers shared photos of the pink and yellow-tinted fake candy, which definitely looks newly shipped and certainly convincing. Johnston Police attempts to reach out to parents in their Facebook post, asking parents to be meticulous about checking the treats this Halloween.

However, this is not the first case the police found Nerd Ropes spiked with highly potent THC. A few months before the incident, the police issued a health alert in West Virginia, where the officers found samples of the same fake candy. Mike Stuart, United States Attorney, addressed this incident stating that despite its candy-like appearance and sweet taste, it gives you a very powerful high. The police investigated the company which makes Nerds, The Ferrara Candy Company, but they deny the accusation of being associated with the fake product.

The case of the drug-laced candy reminds one of an incident from last year when a mother found ecstasy pills in her young daughter’s trick-or-treat bucket during Halloween. Unfortunately, drug-laced edibles packaged to look like regular candy have become extremely popular, especially around the festivities. Therefore, this Halloween, take extra care, or you may be played a dangerous trick without knowing it.

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