Parkinson’s Patients to Undergo a New Cannabis-Based Trial

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According to Inews, Parkinson’s patients from the UK are soon to undergo a clinical trial aimed at demonstrating that cannabis use for medical purposes is not only safe, but also highly efficient in providing relief for various symptoms, even for severe neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s.

This trial is a part of a larger project called Parkinson’s Virtual Biotech, which already lasts for three and a half years, focused on accelerating the process of obtaining the necessary financial resources to funding the most prospective clinical trials which could alter the lives of nearly 150,000 Parkinson’s patients in the UK.

Dr. Arthur Roach, Director of Research at Parkinson’s UK, hopes that this trial could be another step forward towards the public understanding of cannabis’ merits, this time by scientifically determining whether it could diminish some of the symptoms of Parkinson’s-induced psychosis as predicted. Furthermore, Dr. Roach states that if the trial results as expected, it might contribute to the regulation of currently either expensive or inaccessible CBD supplements.

In 2018, after mother of Billy Caldwell, a 13-year old with treatment-irresponsive epilepsy, publicly went against the authorities after her son had been denied access to CBD supplements, the UK law has undergone particular changes and allowed the prescription of cannabis for certain medical cases. However, the lack of clinical trials providing tangible evidence is still an issue and the reason for doctors being reluctant to opt for prescribing a CBD treatment to anyone.

The potentially revolutionary trial is scheduled to begin early next year. It should be the icebreaking trial among the large-scale ones likely to come up with preliminary evidence of all the possible cannabis benefits.

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