Penn Vet and Dixie Brands Explore CBD for Arthritis in Dogs

Health News - CBD OIl for Dogs Arthritis

Not only can a man’s best friend suffer from symptoms of arthritis, but studies have shown that unfortunately one in five dogs will experience joint inflammation in their life. Arthritis most frequently affects senior dogs and it usually is presented in the form of osteoarthritis. Besides traditional methods of treatment such as attempting to keep the pet’s weight under control or acupuncture, eager pet owners are looking into more alternative ways to help their furries with the symptoms.

Luckily, Kimberly Agnello (who is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine) and a team of professionals at Penn Vet have paired up with Dixie Brands Inc. to launch the very first scientific study of therapy with CBD for dogs suffering from arthritis. Even though there are many claims that CBD does provide benefits for ill dogs, Agnello states that the jury is still hesitant on the effectiveness of cannabidiol use for furry companions.

Angello claims that there is a wide array of products sold on the market targeted for ill dogs, but the experts do not know which ones are the most helpful, most effective, and how safe it is to treat pets with them. Furthermore, Angello continues by explaining that the goal of the scientific study is to determine the validity of the products for ill dogs. She also claims that there have not been too many successful studies showing the benefits of CBD in helping to relieve the frequent pain in people and dogs.

The research in the future will conduct a study on a group of 60 dogs known to be currently suffering from the inflammatory disease. The study will look into the effectiveness of the drug in treating the disease and it will determine to find out which CBD treatment leads to the best results. One group of the dogs will be given a CBD formula specially created by a Dixie Brands partner company; the second will be given cannabidiol, and the third will be given a placebo.

If the research is successful, the results may shake up the knowledge of the veterinary profession and provide an alternative method of treatment for ill pets. Agnello hopes that the study will assist researchers in better understanding arthritis in humans as well.

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