Perfect Cannabis Gifts for a Mother’s Day in Quarantine

Lifestyle News - Cannabis Gifts for a Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is here and we are still in lockdown. Luckily for all of us dutiful sons and daughters out there, we can still surprise our moms with some CBD products that will make this special day in quarantine a little brighter.

Give Her the Gift of Wellness

All women love being pampered to from time to time, so make your mom feel like a queen with some of the best CBD skincare lines on the market. Try Humble Flower’s CBD lotion for silky skin and a rejuvenating touch or Empower BodyCare luxurious beauty products that will prevent skin from drying up, something that can become a real issue now that we all use soap and disinfectant more than ever before.

If you can’t decide on just one product, get two. A Mother’s Day bundle from luxury CBD company TribeTokes offers a tincture, eye-cream, and gel, as well as a face mask — all for a great price.

The Gift That Soothes and Relaxes

We are all a bit stressed during these difficult times, and perhaps mothers most of all. So, why not get your mom something that will alleviate the tension? Papa Barkley has one of the most popular product lines in the country, and their Releaf Balm and Releaf Body Lotion are sure to ease off some of the stress of living in lockdown.

If you don’t think topicals or oils are the way to go, there are always other options. Mood33 offers a range of hemp-infused herbal teas, while Vertly Bath Salts combine active botanicals with non-psychoactive CBD for the bath of a lifetime — both perfect for a mom who is looking to relax.

Celebratory Drinks and Treats

Now that edibles and beverages are legal in Canada, there is more choice than ever in the cannabis-infused food and drink section. Terra Bites and Petra Mints from Kiva Confections come in rich flavors like dark chocolate espresso and blueberry milk chocolate, whereas Valhalla Confections offers gummies in more refreshing flavors along the lines of tangerine and watermelon.

Not much of a sweet tooth? Then give some high-end beverages a shot, like Saka Pink from House of Saka’s Napa Valley collection, or a SipCozy’s hemp-infused rosé wine.

Straying From Tradition

For shoppers wanting to get a different kind of cannabis present for this unusual Mother’s Day, there are cannabis-candles, vapes, and even weed-inspired watches. You can also opt for the Magic Butter machine for the mom who loves to cook or buy some cannabis seeds for the mother who spends her time in the garden.

Whatever present you decide on, remember: you don’t have to wait for Mother’s Day to get your mom a gift. Surprise her with a cannabis present any time of the year and turn an ordinary day into a special one.

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