Pleading Stunt for Marijuana Legalization Lands Man in Jail

Politics News - Joint in the Court

Spencer Alan Boston, a twenty-year-old man from Tennessee, ended up in jail for attempting to “plead” for marijuana legalization. This young man was in court due to simple possession charges when he took a joint straight from his pocket and lit it right in front of the judge, pleading for marijuana legalization. To no great surprise, he was also charged for disorderly conduct.

Online records state that Boston was in court to discuss his case. While there, he started talking about the legalization of marijuana. All of a sudden, he took out a joint, lit it, and began smoking. Records also state that the courtroom broke out in laughter, yet the judge was not amused — Boston is now being held on a $3,000 bond.

According to Tennessee state law, both the possession and the sale of marijuana are illegal, even for medicinal purposes. Now, although an increasing number of states is decriminalizing marijuana possession, Tennessee is still rather strict about it; possession of even the smallest amount of cannabis is considered a crime.

The possession and the exchange of less than 0.5 oz of marijuana are considered a class A misdemeanor — the punishment entails a $250 fine and obligatory drug offender school attendance. Moreover, a class C felony could result in $100,000 in fines.

Overall, it seems that Tennessee is not yet ready to make the necessary changes in its criminal justice system to either legalize or decriminalize the possession of cannabis, but this case will certainly get everybody talking.

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