Quick Guide for Your First Cannabis-Friendly Thanksgiving

Lifestyle News - First Cannabis Thanksgiving

Since the very first Thanksgiving following the widespread legalization is right around the corner, some “high” festivities are in order. Namely, most of us who would like to incorporate cannabis into the festivities are absolutely clueless on how to pull it off without making a huge mess. Yet, fear not. If the whole family is coming over and you need that “something something” to break the ice and get the conversations flowing, then this brief guide has you covered.

Of course, keep in mind that not everyone will approve of cannabis at a Thanksgiving dinner — hence why you need to incorporate it with style!

Think About the Esthetic

It is a common misconception that a cannabis party cannot be classy and tasteful in its own right. In fact, if the atmosphere is properly set up, it can be an exquisitely refined affair.

For starters, incorporating different grinders, papers, ashtrays, and, of course, a rolling station for the guests is an excellent idea. Furthermore, the hosts should also provide their guests who prefer to vape and smoke with a comfortable area of the house where it is possible to relax and socialize while engaging in the said activities.

Keep in mind, though, that not all of the guests are cannabis consumers (there may be children as well), so it is vital to point out exactly where guests may smoke freely.

Master the Art of Cooking with Cannabis

Mastering the art of cooking with cannabis is easier than it sounds! If you are a newbie at it, do not fret, as we have prepared two delicious cannabis-infused Thanksgiving recipes the guests will simply adore.

What is Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes? A recipe from features a mouth-watering, cannabis-infused mashed potato made with cannabutter, standard butter, sour cream, cream cheese, and regular cow’s milk.

The other recipe is for people who simply don’t like to cook. These cute no-bake turkey-shaped cookies are great for beginners; they are easy to make and do not require an oven. Just get your hands on some oats, sugar, peanut butter, cannabutter, milk, cocoa powder, and a splash of vanilla and — voilà! As for the decorations, use up any leftover candy corn from Halloween and add some colored icing to top it all off!

Wondering how you can make your own cannabutter? Just combine regular unsalted butter with a bit of dry cannabis!

Have Fun!

The third and final tip is to just relax and have fun. Take this time to sit down with your family and remember all the things you are grateful for. Also, try to keep an open mind, as not all of your guests will like the idea of a cannabis-friendly Thanksgiving. To avoid any uncomfortable incidents, make sure you inform your guests about your plans beforehand!

In conclusion, cannabis will definitely be a hit at this year’s Thanksgiving table. Hopefully, if you are hosting, these tips will help you make the festivities all the better!

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