Recreational Marijuana Sold in Michigan as of December 1st

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According to the state’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA), pot shops could legally sell cannabis to adults over 21 in Michigan as early as December 1. This is great news for all cannabis aficionados in this state as legal sales will start a month sooner than expected.

But, before you rush out to the nearest dispensary for cannabis or cannabis-infused products, be aware that there are some limitations. The MRA stated that all businesses that wish to cultivate over 1,000 plants, produce or sell cannabis, must obtain an adult-use license.

Medical provisioning centers that have already been approved under the state medical marijuana licenses, on the other hand, can sell up to half of their cannabis inventory, but only if the products have passed all legally required testing procedures.

Are Michigan Cannabis Retailers Ready?

Green Skies, a medical cannabis retailer, said they were ready to comply with the MRA regulations. The company has already been pre-qualified for an adult-use license and is prepared to transfer its inventory onto the recreational marijuana market.

Gage, yet another medical marijuana company based in Michigan, greeted the MRA’s decision. Bruce Linton, executive chairman of Gage, said to Forbes that the new legislation would create more direct and indirect jobs, just in time for the holiday season.

So far, 47 businesses have obtained a pre-qualification for a recreational license.

David Harns, MRA’s spokesman, said that the state expects “a dozen or so licensees which would be eligible on Dec. 1.”

The original plan was to legalize the sale of recreational weed in 2020, however, regulators decided to expedite the procedure due to increasing consumer demand.

Is Everyone On Board?

So far, it’s not going great. 79% of the state’s communities, including the City of Detroit, have passed ordinances banning the opening of weed dispensaries in their jurisdiction, even though voters supported marijuana legalization in November 2018, when Michigan became the 10th US state to legalize recreational marijuana use. By doing so, these municipalities will not be able to collect a share of the 10% tax on adult-use cannabis sales.

According to the Michigan Senate Fiscal Agency, marijuana sales are estimated to generate $180.5 million in taxes alone, and this number is only expected to grow.

Is Michigan jumping the gun or just responding to demands? No one can know for sure, but for the time being, Michigan residents can at least include some cannabis products on their Christmas shopping lists.

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