Religion and Cannabis Meet in a Weed Church

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In 2013, April Mancini met a Rastafarian running a church-like medicinal dispensary and came up with an idea. She decided to found a cannabis church!

However, as she said, she didn’t want to go against God’s teachings since she has always been a devoted Christian. So, Mancini started studying the Bible again, looking for some clues and signs to tell her whether she was doing the right thing. She believes she found some references to cannabis in the Bible itself. Some scriptures mention “kaneh-bosem,” which is a component of an anointing oil mentioned in the Exodus; Bibles translated into English refer to it as “sweet calamus” and “fragrant cane.”

On discovering the Bible cannabis reference, Mancini was certain that she was on the right path, so she filled the papers. Soon afterward, she registered the Jah Healing Kemetic Temple of the Divine as a church. The teachings of this church are predominantly Christian, but they also borrow some elements and traditions from other religions, such as Judaism, Rastafarianism, and Buddhism.

Yet, before the year’s end, the church received a notice from the county in which they were accused of using the church as a dispensary. This resulted in the confiscation of all the forms of the congregation’s sacrament.

Consequently, this led to a prolonged battle between Mancini’s church and the law, in an effort to prove themselves as a religious institution.

Mancini’s church has since started a clothing drive and a food pantry; they also hold Bible studies on Wednesdays and regular Sunday services.

What is more, this church isn’t alone in its preaching.

There are numerous other churches similar to Mancini’s, like the Agora Temple in Los Angeles that offers membership — allows people to smoke cannabis inside the church or take cannabis home with them in exchange for a donation.

Some people condemn such churches, but basically, they are a place where people who believe in the same concepts can connect with one another. Every person has their own definition of religion, and these people believe that their cannabis churches can restore people’s relationship with God.

Apparently,for some, cannabis provides the shortcut to finding God.

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