Retail Cannabis Bill in Vermont Finally Sent to Governor

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Some of you may already be familiar with Vermont’s new retail cannabis bill. In fact, we already talked about it reaching the Senate. And now, it has reached its final destination — the governor of Vermont no less! 

It took years of debate for Vermont’s lawmakers to consent to this bill. As such, everyone is anxiously awaiting for it to be ratified by the governor. 

23 senators voted “yes,” whereas only 6 voted “no,” which was enough to bridge the divide that had been ongoing for quite some time.

Democratic senator Dick Sears, who is in full support of the bill, admitted that it’s far from perfect, but it’s the best they got. When talking about whether or not Governor Scott would sign the bill into law, he said that he “would be surprised if he (the governor) didn’t, quite frankly.”

The governor wants police officers to use saliva tests to check whether drivers are impaired or not, and this bill concurs with his request albeit with a warrant. 

More importantly, the bill allocates some of the tax revenues to drug prevention and youth programs to further help the local communities. Namely, 30% of excise tax will go to substance abuse programs, while the entirety of the sales tax will go to youth and after-school programs. 

After the bill was approved, the Senate also passed a similar bill to expunge criminal records for minor cannabis offenses. It doesn’t sound like much, but it will undoubtedly be beneficial and potentially life-changing for those affected by these offenses.