Revived Rumors About Coca-Cola CBD Drink Get Denied Again

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Rumors about the imminent appearance of a CBD–infused cola drink by the Coca-Cola Company spread like wildfire once again, after a convincing YouTube video was posted, showing an alleged prototype of this product.

The video in which the YouTube uploader, user-named “Gabor the Blind Guy” is showing a bottle of the mysterious CBD-infused beverage has been deleted since, by “Gabor”, along with his YouTube channel, Facebook, and Twitter account.

In the video, he claims that the displayed Coca-Cola can with childproof cap is specially designed for the new line of cola products containing cannabidiol (CBD) extract of cannabis. He also confirms the suspicion that the Coca-Cola Company is planning to enter the cannabis market in partnership with the Canadian producer of medical cannabis — Aurora Cannabis and launch this product on the Canadian market.

The prototype, explains Gabor, was given to his father, an engineer working on bottling and capping machines, in order to check if a blind person (Gabor) can open it. Allegedly contacted by Coca-Cola representatives, Gabor’s father’s firm, was supposedly employed to design the new Coca-Cola CBD bottles in a way that a child can’t open them, due to their controversial content.

However, the Coca-Cola media relations officer denied these rumors the very next day. The Coca-Cola Company was forced to repeatedly deny the cannabis market-venturing rumors, after Bloomberg’s announcement in 2018 stating that they are considering the possibility.

Nothing is happening between Coca-Cola and Aurora Cannabis, CEO James Quincey assured back then that the rumors were untrue. According to him, CBD cannabis extract is not an ingredient that fulfills the company’s criteria for safety and legality, therefore it can’t be made consumable on a daily basis. Furthermore, in the Fox News interview of Warren Buffet, the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, he declared that it would be a mistake if Coca-Cola entered the cannabis market.

Cannabis public image is changing for the better, so, is there nothing still happening between Coca-Cola and Aurora Cannabis or other cannabis firms? Is this video an accidental violation of a non-disclosure agreement, or simply a sham? For now, Coca-Cola stubbornly denies all connections, while marijuana lovers are not losing hope that one day they will drink a CBD- containing soda.

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