Ritter Sport’s Hemp Chocolate Goes Green in Austria

Lifestyle News - Ritter Sport’s Hemp Chocolate Goes Green in Austria

Ritter Sport is bringing back their limited-edition chocolate and weed edibles in Austria, but with a twist!

Namely, they are testing the waters with their newly developed paper packaging in a move to distance themselves from plastic. As such, it will be available for as long as stocks last.

The main aim of the limited release is to see just how the new packaging stands up in real-world conditions. The company that makes the popular chocolate wants to examine the durability of the paper packaging after transportation, storage, and purchasing. They want a packaging method that will keep to their high standards and safety expectations.

However, the main issue at hand is that the product is high in fat content due to cocoa butter. Meaning, the packaging must also contain a lot of fat so that the chocolate isn’t affected by the environment as well as handling. That is why the packaging is made entirely from polypropylene — a fully recyclable polymer.

In short, the brand wanted to develop a material that was fully sustainable which could also protect the chocolate from outside “hazards.”

They chose this limited-edition chocolate to examine the results and then go on to decide whether or not to use paper packaging for the rest of their offerings.

The product in question is made out of milk chocolate and hemp seed filling; the unique chocolate is meant to match the innovative packaging.

Once Ritter Sport has seen the public’s response to the “weed chocolate,” they will make their final decision regarding the new packaging.