Santana Launches Mirayo: New Line of Premium Cannabis Products

Entertainment News - Santana Mirayo

Living legend and long-time cannabis advocate, Carlos Santana, has partnered with Left Coast Ventures to create a sun-grown line of products that honors the ancient and spiritual Latin American heritage — the cannabis plant.

Left Coast Ventures is a well-known and trustworthy company specializing in cannabis manufacturing, cultivation, and distribution. Together with the award-winning guitarist, they’re shaping the future of cannabis across the US.

Santana’s line, Mirayo, is inspired by his dedication to spiritual well-being and the Latin heritage. As such, the line imbues his life philosophies into the products to promote spiritual enlightenment and enhance energy flow between the mind and body.

The name of the product line is actually a compound of the Spanish words “my” and “ray,” which is meant to inspire everyone to “follow their light.”

Santana believes in the plant’s ability to improve meditative reflection and help express one’s creativity. And he hopes that it will help people discover compassion and kindness.

Mirayo by Santana includes pre-rolls and whole flowers. Pre-rolls come in packs of 5, and each has .5 grams, whereas the flowers come in 7-gram jars. Likewise, they’re divided according to the “categories of consciousness:”

  • Radiance — a cannabis Sativa intended to help you reach divine wisdom, inspire creativity, and expand your energy outward.
  • Symmetry — a hybrid intended to elevate your perception and harmonize the inward and outward (the body and soul).
  • Centered — a cannabis Indica intended to help you reach inner peace and insightful stillness while transcending the physical world.

The line will soon include CBD flowers and pre-rolls that will help bring clarity and calmness to your mind and body.

Mirayo by Santana is available in select dispensaries in Southern California and the Bay Area with Latinx-owned dispensaries as a priority.